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⛔️ LandMine: Payroll Integration w ICHRA

One of the pitfalls or land mines you might encounter when considering an individual coverage HRA is how do you connect the enrollment platform to another platform like your payroll provider. Or HRIS system. Listen to the short episode as John explains more. --- Send in a voice message:

⛔️ Landmine : New Hires!

If you are researching or considering an individual coverage, HRA (ICHRA) option for your company or employees please listen to this. This tripwire could cause some serious havoc if you’re not aware of it, and discussing this before you pull the trigger. --- Send in a voice message:

🧮 MATH Hack: Percentage 🆚 Dollars

This one will blow your mind. We can be deceived mentally by only thinking percentages instead of dollar amounts. Listen to John, as he explains how to be careful and not be fooled, mentally, with comparing these two figures. --- Send in a voice message:

HR Tip: How to Save 40+ Hours of Time Every Year!

The annual benefits renewal process is brutal. Let’s face it. It takes a ton of time from many players in your organization. Which net work to choose? Which formulary to use? What should the co-pays be? Should we add an HSA plan? Should we change carriers? Should we do level funded? On and on and on. ** it’s time to evaluate a little known option. That could be a game changer for you and your team. Listen as John explains what this is. --- Send in a voice message:

😩 Health Plan Insight > NON Embedded Deductibles !!

This is required training for anyone that makes decisions on a group health plan for employees. Please listen to this. This one little trick that the insurance companies use can burn you and your employees big time. Trust me, I know because I was burned. --- Send in a voice message:

🍖Carnivore Diet vs Health Insurance #ichra

If you have heard of the carnivore diet, this is a new eating plan that is somewhat restrictive on the types of foods you can consume. In this episode, John explains his experience with eating this diet out in the marketplace and how it relates to your group health insurance options. #ichra --- Send in a voice message:

Part 3 – Why is an ICHRA a Super Valuable Option

Part three. John explains why this is so important to understand. This is where the magic happens on this episode. This is where all the dots in your brain will be connected and you’ll see this true strategic advantage for your organization. This goes well past the cost of insurance or how the system works. Please please listen to this episode. --- Send in a voice message:

Part 2 – How does an ICHRA work?

In part two of the series, John explains how this individual coverage option works. He uses analogy of a swimming pool in your backyard versus a lake down the street. Listen to the short explanation that will bring you up to speed very quickly. --- Send in a voice message:

Part 1 – What is an ICHRA

Listen to this episode to start with to understand what an individual coverage health reimbursement arrangement is, and how it operates for your business or organization. --- Send in a voice message:

⚠️WARNING: ICHRA Plan + Group Plan (pls listen now)

If you are considering combining these two types of health plan strategies, please listen to this episode. In less than eight minutes John Millen explains what you need to be aware of before pulling the trigger. --- Send in a voice message:
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