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Providing Real-World Solutions

Business owners, who want to give their employees the best possible benefits have a problem: how do they give their employees the financial and emotional security of great benefits, while not being taken advantage of or breaking the bank? In a world that seems designed to be confusing and catered to the elite companies, who's looking out for small businesses?

Our team helps you untangle the mess, and provide practical solutions to even the biggest benefit challenges. 
"I want to take this opportunity to thank you both for a timely, thoughtful and exciting benefits enrollment process for our employees and loved ones. This is important for all of us, especially during these uncertain times and amid COVID-19. Thanks for your time, interest and guidance."
Dr. Thelma Watson, Executive Director 

Taming the "Benefit Monster"

We provide a solution to the benefit monster. Who says businesses with 10-100 employees shouldn't be able to offer benefits that are easy to understand and don't break the bank? Not us! We'll give you the tools to hack the rigged insurance system, guiding you through the process every step of the way.
Ready to step up for your employees?

Medical Plan Re-Design... Optimize

We reduce healthcare costs 20% or more while also providing first-dollar coverage with our proven Zero Deductible Solution. You will be recognized as an employer of choice, which will help you attract and retain the highest quality employees in a competitive labor environment.

Compliance... Goodbye Paper, Hello EASE

At no cost to you, we provide unlimited access to EASE* for all benefit lines we manage. This highly-rated benefits administration and HR software will help reduce compliance risks. Benefit administration, enrollments and onboarding new hires will now be easy. *Value $14,388/yr.

Employee Education... Empowerment

We provide Personalized Benefit Counseling for each employee on an ongoing basis, maximizing the investment you have made in their peace of mind. This empowers them to preserve and protect the things they work so hard to build.

Customer Care... Your Easy Button

We will support your human resource needs with our highly responsive Customer Care Team. This team has experience with claims, billing, payroll and taxes. They can also be a caring ear for employees when undergoing difficult situations in their lives.

Be a HERO for your Employees

We define a business HERO as, "Professionals who take pride in their employees and want to take care of them." Leaders in their field who want to take their benefits to the next level, and are willing to put the work in. Companies that recognize the advantage of investing in their employees. Are you a HERO for your people?

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