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We're in the business of bettering businesses.

Laura and John are Benefit Hackers who have been in the benefits business for two decades, opening their agency at the end of August 2001. Their business weathered the ups and downs of the economy: surviving 9/11, the Great Recession of 2008, ObamaCare, and more recently the COVID-19 global pandemic.

They built the agency customer-by-customer and that makes them your leading local resource for understanding the ins and outs of corporate group benefits.

Our Story

MillenGroup, formerly Peak Performance Group (PPG Benefits), is an independent employee benefits advisory, communication, and enrollment firm founded in 2001 by Laura Millen, a “recovering CPA”.

Our mission is to provide carrier agnostic, best-in-class healthcare, financial protection, and non-insurance benefits to America’s workers. 
We have an insatiable passion to create inventive solutions and improve the process.
Engaged Educators
We have an insatiable passion to create inventive solutions and improve the process.

Our Team

Laura Millen
Founder, Sr Managing Partner
Laura is a  "Recovering CPA"...

Laura co-founded the agency in 2001. She is the strategic leader of the company. She has weathered the ups and downs in business for almost 20 years. Relying her intellect and passion to serve others, she's thrived through such economic hardships as 9-11, Obamacare, 2008 Meltdown and currently the global Coronavirus epidemic. It's her vision that has enabled the agency to serve over 140 organizations, across eight states, employing over 17,000 employees. On a personal side, she enjoys keeping up with her set of eight-year-old twins.
John Millen
Co-Founder, Managing Partner
John is a "Benefit Hacker" ..

John joined the agency in 2007 after a 17-year career with ExxonMobil. He will admit that he doesn't really like to sell insurance, but he definitely likes to solve problems and help people. He enjoys sharing "benefit hacks" to others, and is the primary expert on the Zero Deductible Solution. John has helped the agency achieve 55% revenue growth during one of the most difficult years they've ever experienced. On a personal side, he grew up in Pittsburgh, PA and is an avid Steelers fan.
Helen Taylor
Lead Benefits Advisor
Helen is our lead "Benefits Educator" ... 

Helen joined the agency in 2021 after a 30-year career in the benefits enrollment and counseling industry. She's been the lead architect responsible for efficiently and professionally managing enrollments of up to 50,000 employees (State of Michigan). She has experience working with several $1B national benefits brokers, in all industries, all states, and all income levels. There isn't a situation or dilemma that Helen hasn't seen. On a personal side, she lives in Chattanooga, TN, and is a mother of two, and a grandmother. 
Debra Willis
Business Development Manager
Debra, well...she knows EVERYONE in Richmond (or so it seems to us)!

Before working at MillenGroup, she spent 40+ years in the healthcare industry in various capacities. After four decades she decided to shift careers and help others more directly with healthcare, their healthcare benefits. She is currently the President of Partners In Healthcare, and on the Senior Connections Board of Directors. Debra brings an infectious positive attitude to everyone who meets her. On a personal side, she loves singing and conducting local choirs.
Melanie Eads
Account Manager
Melanie brings a ton of sales and marketing expertise to our team.

She is responsible for managing the key business relationships with our clients. Before working at MillenGroup, she spent 20+ years in the sales and marketing industry in various capacities.

Melanie's love of people has now expanded into helping bring solutions to people, not just sell them insurance. On a personal side, she loves to laugh, loves music, and is a mother of four children.

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