Not Your Typical Benefit Advisors

Innovative Solutions.
Practical Results.

Not Your Typical Benefit Advisors

Innovative Solutions. Practical Results.

Changemakers in a Tired Industry.

MillenGroup is an independent employee benefits advisory agency founded in 2001. Our mission is to provide unique, out-of-the-box strategies for employers of ALL sizes!

We're in the business of bettering businesses.

Our staff is dedicated to giving you all the tools necessary to level up and become a hero to your employees. You've had it in you all along, you just needed the right team to help you reach your goal!

We Seek
Business Owners, Executives, and HR professionals who view their employees as an asset and investment.
We Help
We work with you to tailor a health insurance plan tailored to your business. We invent proven solutions for small and mid-sized businesses.
Make the Change
By choosing proven tools to attract and retain your best talent, you're making the change to show your employees you're a HERO!

Our Process

We work with you to give you and your employees the best of the best. everyone is different, that's why we look at each client individually. find the plan and perks that will have everyone feeling well-taken care of and have you feeling like the hero you are!
Optimized Benefits Bundle
A bespoke benefits plan that meets the goal of the business owner.
First-Dollar Coverage
Packages that pay each employees deductible up to a certain amount, reducing each employee's out of pocket to $0 in most cases
Benefits the Team Can Use
With first-dollar coverage, employees can actually use the benefits without worrying about how they're going to meet the deductible.
Attract & Retain the Best with Employee Benefits.
The employee benefits 1:1 counseling went well thanks! I really enjoyed the one on one and am certain the team found it helpful. Insurance can be a bit intimidating.
Kristin Ogo, Chief Operating Officer, Kenmore Envelope

Video Library

Check out our video library where our very own, John Millen, talks about different strategies regarding employee benefits.

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