Group  Health Insurance!

The New Federal Law NOBODY Is Talking About!
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It's time to try something different.

If you didn't know it was possible before, let us be the first to tell you... 

You can absolutely improve coverage while lowering costs.

Experienced Independent Advisors

MillenGroup are independent advisors with a unique expertise of reducing medical spend 15% or more, while
at the same time, drastically improving employee coverage. Our top clients' PEPY benchmark demonstrates
our proven results.

See Where You Stand

Your company will receive a complimentary Cost Analysis that will benchmark your performance versus others
in your marketplace.  

Wondering if we'd make a good match?

A good cultural fit is important to us too. Here are a few key factors to help determine if we're on the same page:
1. You view employees as an asset to your organization, not a liability.
2. You consider your benefits spend as an investment, rather than an expense.
3. You prioritize the best interests of your company and employees, over ties to a specific provider.

If we just described your company, reach out to us for a no-cost assessment!

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