5 Myths About Employee Benefits… that you may NOT believe.


High deductible plans are good for employees because it makes them better "consumers" of healthcare, which drives down costs. THIS IS SUCH B.S.! Reports are saying 30-56% of employees DELAY care due to deductibles that regularly exceed $2000.

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Having 2 or 3 medical options is what employees want. Really? NO. THEY. DO. NOT. It only confuses them and they frequently pick the most expensive option out of ignorance. The $0 Deductible Solution will enable you to only need ONE plan.

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Providing disability insurance only encourages employees to sit on the couch. GEESH! 🀬 A πŸ‘¨β€βš•οΈ has to sign off that the person is sick/injured. Most doctors want to stay out of jail for insurance fraud!

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Dental plans with a $1000 annual max is sufficient. Ahhh...look around. Have prices on nearly everything gone up 3% for the past 10 years? So...why are we still using the 1990’s level of coverage for 🦷 care? Did you know there are plans now with UNLIMITED annual maximum coverage? And many that provide $5,000/yr maximums.


Group term life insurance is the CHEAPEST life insurance. Really? Have you ever done the math? Probably not. Did you know that the price doubles every 10 years and at age 65 you will lose 35% of the death benefit, while the rate jumps up again? So, that's why a lot of employers are now offering Voluntary Whole and Issue Age Term policies to their employees. The rates are locked in. Coverage remains unchanged. That's it. I HAVE 73 MORE HACKS...but I think you get the point πŸ˜€
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