Dear HR Professional

…your gut was trying to tell you something for a while

…something didn’t feel right

…you heard the stories from employees, but thought they were just isolated.

…maybe you didn’t want to upset the “boss” by rocking the boat

…now you have an excuse

To do what? To act.

I get it. Relationships are hard. Especially ones that form over many years. Even decades.

But we become comfortable.

We slowly let our “guard” down. We “go along” to not cause more disruptions.

But deep inside you probably wanted things to be “better”.

But, you’re smart. And intelligent.

And really good at your job as a Human Resources professional.

But you’ve been given bad advice.

It’s NOT your fault. It’s the system.

A $4.1 Trillion ecosystem to remain status quo.

If you are open to it, a new federal law can give you an “excuse”.

An excuse to make a deeper impact than you EVER have before.

I recorded a short message for you here. I hope you will at least listen… 🙏🏻