Agency Podcast Episode 4 – Why You Should Be Using Google Ads For Your Business #MarketingPodcast

Google Ads Pay-Per-Click Google Ads Tips & Best Practices Aren’t as simple as boosting a post on Facebook. Highly recommend paying someone to run your google ads due to technical nature. Every client that had a google ad express set up was spending so much money without seeing results. One thing to beware of is marketing agencies that wrap their ad spend into the retainer.

Shady shit We’ve had a lot of clients come to us with issues. They’d own the google ads account, the marketing company would put their card on the google ad account, so they would be billed, so the client wouldn’t know what was being spent. They may have a budget, and there’s no proof that the marketing company put the whole budget towards ads and pocketed the rest. Marketing companies use that to make money on top of the management fee they already charge When we do google ads, we use the client’s card so they know exactly how much is being spent/how much they’re paying.

TRANSPARENCY Clients appreciate transparency. Starting – setting up a campaign. What’re you going to run ads to? Look at your range of services, where do you get your biggest return on investment, for the services you currently offer. Highest margin services. Worth the ad spend on these things. How competitive is that space? Why should someone do google ads first over social media? Google ads are more superior than the others (ryan) Almost guaranteed results immediately. It’s people looking for those services/products.

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