Going Down the (healthcare) Rabbit Hole: Your Fiduciary/Legal Liability

CEO’s Guide to Restoring Healthcare. This video discusses how you, as the CEO, Executive Director, Owner, President or CFO have a legal requirement with regards to healthcare plans and spending. John Millen, BenefitHacker, for MillenGroup shares how this applies to you and your employees.

9 Tactics to “Steal” Talent From Your Competitors

When there is a shortage of talent you may need to “steal” someone from another company. Or your competitor. The tactics you used pre COVID may not work anymore. The rules have changed, but have you adapted? Join John Millen “BenefitHacker” with MillenGroup as he will share 9 tactics that work like a charm in […]

HOW TO: Convert Healthcare OPEX into Company PROFIT!

You have INTEREST-FREE capital that’s TRAPPED in your OPEX (operating expense) for healthcare benefits. WTF are you talking about John? YEP, you heard me. Your healthcare expenses have probably risen 8-10% per year over the past 5 years. Right? It’s time to LIBERATE this capital and move it directly to your BOTTOM LINE (net profit). […]
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