The Sickening Relationship With Insulin

Outrageous cost of insulin.
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If you’re a Business Owner, CFO, or HR Professional that views your employees as an Asset and Investment…

I’m reading the latest issue of Fortune magazine. Page 136 is an article about insulin. 

The lead story is actually about a young woman, Sa’ra Skipper, who is a Type-1 Diabetic (she was born with it).  


Young woman with Type-1.


The title (Insulin’s Deadly Cost) is about the COST (to the employees).

It is skyrocketing and is 800% higher in the US versus other countries. 


Average price of insulin in US compared to other countries.


It discusses the sickening relationship of how the pharmaceutical industry, insurance companies, and pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) manipulate pricing.  

Using “rebates” and other maneuvers.

It’s an incestuous system that is hard to read and learn about. 

Remember, you can DIE within hours or days if your insulin and blood sugar is out of alignment. 


Quote from diabetes advocate.

Let me ask you a simple question.

Are you willing to take a stand and ensure this isn’t or won’t happen at your organization?

And just saying “I trust my broker” is BS. They don’t have the fiduciary responsibility for your health and welfare plans.

You do. 

If an employee dies because they are rationing insulin no one will ask, “What did our broker think?”

They will look at you. 

I will warn you that venturing into this area will require some serious guts. You are going into an environment that is the most lobbied industry in America. 

The healthcare ecosystem is a $4 trillion industry.  I routinely fight back against this crap every single day. 

I’m just looking for a few courageous people that want to join me. 

We have been using these 3 tactics that are making a BIG difference:

1. Plan redesign

2. Specialty carve out

3. Employee incentives

Let’s step up and work together to fix this situation that is either already occurring, or could very easily occur with your next new hire.

You can read the full version of the Forbes article online here.


John Millen


If you’re a Business Owner, CFO, or HR Professional that views your employees as an Asset and Investment…


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