Healthcare Benefits vs Boating

Businessman in a sinking boat covering eyes.
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If you’re a Business Owner, CFO, or HR Professional that views your employees as assets and investments…


You put your boat ⛵️ in the lake and start sailing.

After a bit, it starts to fill up with water. You’re not worried. Only a small leak or splash.

But with 1/4 of the boat filled, you start to get concerned and look for the leak. Can’t find it.

Now 1/2 is filled and you are really concerned. You feel all around for the leak. You put your head in the water to see where it is. Can’t find it.

So, you start heading back to land.

3/4 of the boat is filled. Panic mode. The boat will sink any moment. You use hands, feet, eyes, ears to figure out where the leak is coming from.  No luck.


Businessman panicking in sinking boat.


50 feet from land the boat sinks.

Your boat ⛵️ = Annual healthcare spend.

The water💧 = Money spent on claims.

When Claims > Spend … YOU SINK.

As you swim back to land, an Old Timer on the lake sees you and asks, “How did your boat sink?”

You say, “It had a leak and filled with water.”

He asks, “Where was the leak from?”

You say, “NO IDEA! It just kept filling with water. It’s actually better that I don’t know where the leaks were coming from. It’s less risky!”

😦 This is how a Fully Insured Healthcare Plan works. You have NO IDEA where the leaks (claims) are coming from.


Health insurance claims form.


Is this less risky? 🫣

Now, imagine this …

You take a different boat 🛥 out onto the lake.

It’s actually a nicer, overall better boat. And it’s LESS money than the first boat.

It starts to fill up with water 💦 (claims).

This time an 🚨 alarm goes off. It tells you EXACTLY where the leak is coming from — it’s a small one. No worries. You can let it go.

Another alarm 🚨 goes off. This time it’s a BIG leak. Oh, it’s a gash in the hull from hitting a rock 🪨 (shock claim / cancer / high RX).

You have ALL the tools available to completely stop (evacuate) the leak right away without returning to land or sinking.

More alarms go off, and each time you either completely stop (or reduce) the leaks.


Businessman in boat scanning the horizon.


But you make it back to land just fine, before the boat is even close to sinking.

🙂 This is how a Custom Health Plan works. You have complete VISIBILITY where the leaks (claims) are coming from.

Is this more or less risky than the first situation?

Less risky.


Because you get alerted WHEN a leak (claims) starts, WHERE it is, and HOW big it is.

And you can FIX the leaks so you don’t sink.

So, the next time someone says that “self-funding” is risky, you can now say…

“I used to think that, but since I’ve been educated by the MillenGroup, I no longer do.”


If you’re a Business Owner, CFO, or HR Professional that views your employees as assets and investments…


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